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CEO Message

Mac & rains Group sponsored by the team, having the history of decades experience in the field of pharmaceutical. The footway was paved by the ancestors and I decided to continue the journey on it to meet the ultimate destination. The journey is still on and this state of the art pharmaceutical manufacturing unit is a prominent milestone, conveying the message of confidence. The confidence which my partners displayed at the crucial stages during the construction of this huge unit.


The confidence of the Market, Mac & Rains have won within a very limited period of time. The confidence of the medical professionals, secured by the company only by producing High Quality pharmaceutical products & above all The confidence of “Mac & Rains Group” dedicated team, developed by the positive approach of the sponsors. As an ever learner I feel that the overall confidence have made me more confident to induce ever showering betterment in the system, from mechanical order to environmental control and technical measures in order to ensure cGMP because the commitment for perfection is also an endless journey like learning. Serving the ailing humanity is the chief objective and the team of dedicated professionals are leaving no stone unturned to achieve this great objective.